How to Maintain a Pressure Washer Easily

How to maintain pressure washers

A pressure washer is a handy tool to have around the house. It simplifies cleaning to such an extent that you almost don’t need to scrub or wipe of anything once you are done with it. However, the pressure washer still needs to be maintained and cleaned to get the best possible results when you are cleaning anything.

Having used many gas and electric pressure washers, I have found a few handy tips that allow you to keep the pressure washer clean and maintained.

You might not like putting in some hard work, but this is much better than actually spending a fortune to buy a new one. These tips can save you a lot of money and get the job done really effectively.

Maintaining Your Pressure Washer

We have tried to focus on making the process as easy and simple as possible to ensure you don’t have to spend too much time or effort in keeping it clean. Some of these tips might be a little frustrating or cost you an extra buck or two, but it will inevitably help you in the longer run. Here are the top tips and tricks for pressure washer maintenance:

1. The Engine Is The Most Important Part

One of the most important parts of your pressure washer is the engine. Whether you have an electrical option or a gas-powered option, the pressure washer needs some sort of mechanism that allows it to be powered. One of the most important things to do is to check that every component is running flawlessly.

The fuel and oil levels are probably the most important parts to check when you first start using it. This can be done before or after each use. You might need to add some fuel to keep the engine running or even add some fuel as a lubricant for the mechanisms to keep on turning.

2. The Pump Is Next

Occasionally, you might need to disassemble the pressure washer to gain some access to the pump itself. When you are using a lot of detergents, you might need to clean the pump a little better. Cleaning the pump is actually easy and one of the only things that you actually need to do is to remove some of the contaminants.

3. Clean Or Replace Filters

The filters or screen filters as they are commonly known are some of the most important parts of ensuring that the pressure washer is working effectively. These filters need to be cleaned occasionally and sometime even replaced. Your filter will filter out most of the debris and keep it from entering the pump.

If this is left for too long, you can cause a lot of damage to the pressure washer and this will make a lot of trouble when you need to focus on the engine.

4. Spray Gun And Nozzle

The spray gun is the component that allows the water to come out of the tank. It is also something that needs to be checked regularly to ensure no blocking or clogging are keeping the unit from working effectively. Since you only need to take the nozzle off, you should be able to easily check inside the pressure washer spray gun to remove any debris. It might build up over time if it not used too often.

5. The Hose And O-Rings

By now, you might have found a common trend when it comes to your pressure washer. You will need to check each of these components before or after using the pressure washer. It will ensure that everything is running smoothly and keep your unit from causing you problems that could potentially need major repairs.

The O-rings will eventually wear out and they need to be replaced to ensure none of the components are grinding against one another. Fortunately, the O-rings are really cheap to buy and easy to replace. The downside is that they tend to be rare. If you do find them, you should try to buy some of them in bulk for future use.

6. Using The Right Detergents

With most companies now having their own type of detergent, you might find that your pressure washer is not compatible with all the brands and chemicals available on the market today. Doing a little bit of research should allow you to see which detergents are right for your unit and you should stick to them to get the job done.

Industrial grade pressure washers tend to be more durable, with the ability to work with some of the stronger detergents without any problems being caused by the chemicals that are used in them. The instruction manual is a great place to start.

7. Don’t Procrastinate

One of the common trends that most people do is to leave it for the next time they will be using it. However, we tend to forget about things like this as humans and when the unit is left for too long or stored away, things like mold can begin to grow. In the worst case, you might even need to deal with some rust on the unit.

By doing some of these checks before and after using the pressure washer, you can potentially avoid some of these snags and keep the unit working as it should. You will only be doing yourself and your budget a massive favor.


These tips should make your life much easier and ensure that the unit is working the right way without any additional issue that could put you back. We have done a lot of tests and research by looking at some of the top manuals to compile all of these tips and with the help of professionals, you can keep your pressure washer in the best possible condition.

Let us know in the comment section which of these tips you have found the most helpful and if you have any more informative tips to help users take care of their pressure washers.

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