Dyson Vs Shark Vs Bissell Vs Tineco Cordless Vacuum- Which One Is Best?

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A corded or cordless vacuum cleaner is a conflict in many ways. Corded vacuum cleaners are sometimes a mess, with the necessity of carrying the wire around everywhere. And what if there isn’t a plug point somewhere? Say you want to clean your car seats, and you don’t have a plug in the parking plot. You can’t bring your car in!

In many such cases, a cordless vacuum cleaner is preferred. It is easy to carry, slightly lighter in weight and can reach almost anywhere. Now choosing any device is a task, some have the best features, but are a little heavy on the pocket. Here are the comparisons between four of the most preferred cordless vacuums: their pros and cons and best features.


First, we start with Dyson’s cordless vacuums. The Cyclone V10 is the latest model of cordless vacuum by Dyson. Proving to be better than its other models, V6, V7, and V8. This particular device has three different models- the Motorhead, the Animal and the Absolute.


  • Max Power– With 51% more suction in its MAX mode, this cleaner can easily clean dust and debris from the carpet or the floors. This suction is more than any of its preceding models.
  • Torque Drive Cleaner Head– The torque drive cleaner head is the most powerful one on the V10 model. It also has two gaps in the front which can be closed or opened manually. If larger debris is to be collected, both nozzles can be kept open. It quickly catches the larger debris.
  • Dust Canister– The dust canister in V10 is more significant than its any previous models. This allows easy accessibility, as one need not empty the dust canister frequently. With a capacity of 0.20 gallons, V10 has the largest dust canister in any cordless vacuum.
  • Recharge Time– the V10 takes just 3.5 hours to charge fully if it’s empty.


  • Run Time– For a cordless vacuum, the run time of V10 is pretty good. However, it is low on some expectations. With the charging time, people would expect V10 to run 60 minutes on high power. But its 60 minutes run time is compromised in low power.
  • Cleaning Ability– The cleaning ability of V10 is however less or more or less equal to its previous model, V8. So there arises a question, as to buy a higher model at more magnificent cost bust the same cleaning.
  • Cost– V10 is the costliest vacuum of all Dyson’s cordless cleaners. And the value for money is not much.


The next we will be looking at the Shark vacuums. The Shark DuoClean TruPet is gaining popularity with its user-friendly interface with homes which shelters pets. It comes with loads of accessories and reliable power.


  • Run Time– This device has an impressive run time. With a 24-minute run time, on max power. It comes with twin batteries, which adds to the run time.
  • Cleaning Ability– Even with a 24-minute run time, it promises complete cleaning. Be it any surface, the carpet or the hard floor, and its performance is excellent in all. Especially for people with pets, because you don’t want your pets’ hair all over.
  • Accessories– It comes with loads of accessories, which makes it easier to reach many places. Designed specially for people with pets, it has accessories to make it easier to clean.


  • Weight– It gets a little heavy to lift this to reach the cobwebs in the corners. So weight is an issue.
  • Cost– Shark DuoClean is a pricey device, and it is not feasible to buy such a costly product for a run time of only 24 minutes.


The next up in line is the cleaner from Bissell. The Bissell Bolt PLUS 2-in-one is a practical choice for homes. It can clean almost any part of your home with ease.


  • Run Time- The device has a smaller battery with a run time of about 30 minutes. With a better battery performance than its previous model.
  • Weight- With a weight of about 3 kilograms, it is pretty lightweight in functioning. Better for cleaning the upper parts of the house too. Also, it also has a long reach that extends and makes it easy to clean upper parts.
  • Edge Bristles- It also comes with the edge bristles, which make cleaning the edges easy.


  • Cleaning Ability– Though it cleans the bare floor or the carpet surface at its best, it lacks the profound cleaning ability. The low-profile floor tool pushes the larger debris away instead of sucking it in.
  • Cost– Though handy and friendly, the product cost is hefty.


The last in line is the Tineco A10 cordless vacuum. With versatility almost similar to the Dyson’s, this is a great choice. With a run time of around 25 minutes, it is a promising device to have. You can even change the battery and charge it and extend the run time.


  • Weight– It is a lightweight device, and easy to reach many corners and even the floors.
  • Dust Canister– The dust canister is easy to empty and comes with HEPA filters.


  • Cleaning Ability– The dust canister is smaller and needs to be emptied frequently. Also, the max power run time is short, though the batteries can be changed. It does not deep clean the floors, below the furniture, etc.

If you are looking for a cordless cleaner with the best abilities, Dyson’s V10 is the most preferable. With a run time of 60 minutes, most than any other, the more considerable suction power and large dust canister, Dyson is the one you are looking for!

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