How to Sharpen a Chainsaw With Different Types of Sharpeners

  • A chainsaw blade has angled cutting links and flat extensions with no cutting edges. The angled tip is usually the cutting surface which is sharpened to promote soft operation.
  • The angles of the chain need to be sharpened correctly and evenly all-round the chain to make sure that there are no blunt spaces left behind.
  • The chainsaw can be sharpened either manually or electrically based on the condition of the saw or the time provided to complete the assigned task.
  • Both electric and manual methods of chainsaw sharpening have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your sharpening needs.

Below are some tips describing how to sharpen a chainsaw with manual and electric chainsaw sharpener ;

Manual Sharpeners

8 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

  • The 8-piece chainsaw sharpener file kit provides you with one of the simplest ways to sharpen your saw.
  • The package has complete tools needed in the whole process of grinding the saw. The involved tools include three tooth files that have varying sizes, flat fine tooth file, depth-gauge, tool pouch, and filing guide.
  • The equipment is very portable as the tools pouch allows you to carry the tools to any location.
  • The standard file sharpening strategy requires a bench vice that can be made on any surface to suspend the saw.
  • The sharpening files are elementary to store considering that they occupy little space
  • The method is easily available and less expensive.
  • Countless YouTube tutorials provide you with significant knowledge of using the files.

Bar-Mount Chain Sharpener

Bar-Mount Chain Sharpener
  • A bar-mount chain sharpener is a portable tool that ensures your blade is sharp enough to cut a huge oak tree.
  • The equipment is installed on the saw blade properly to ensure that all teeth align to each other. It is vital to counter-check that the teeth of the blade follow proper alignment after sharpening.
  • The tool works best when you tighten the thumbscrew to the blade bar before setting the Allen screws or the chain press-studs.
  • The sharpening operation is made better by greasing the edges of the blade.
  • The bar-mount sharpener allows you to sharpen your blade at any location instead of driving to the nearby store.
  • The sharpening tools ensure that your blade teeth maintain their shape, arrangement and that they are not worn out quickly.
  • The sharpening equipment is recommendable to both amateurs and pros for it is easy to use.

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener
  • Timberline Chainsaw is one of the brilliant sharpening tools that allow grinding operations at any location. The equipment is easily portable considering that it is small in size.
  • The machine can sharpen any type of blade with the right setting.
  • Timberline is well constructed especially because the tool has no plastic part or weak links that could break easily.
  • The tool is also ideal in case your blade has bending or curves that prevent you from soft cutting operations.
  • Timberline can sharpen and align your blade in 20 to 25 minutes.

Electric Sharpeners

ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

  • The electric chainsaw sharpener is one of the easiest and quickest methods of sharpening the saw.
  • Numerous YouTube videos provide you with typical ways of sharpening the blade.
  • The saw has to be  mounted on a bench to observe the sharpening disc and the blade edges easily. The method is practically quick considering that electric power rotates the sharpening.
  • The electric chainsaw sharpener ensures an excellent edge mark on the blade capable of cutting large oak stumps.
  • The operation of the electric chainsaw sharpener is stationary for it requires electrical power to rotate the sharpening file.
  • The machine is practically aggressive due to the fact that that the sharpening file runs faster hence needs more attention while operating.

Bench/Wall Mountain Chain Grinder

  • The sharpening tool is an electric powered machined that develops better shapes and sharp angles to your blade.
  • The equipment requires proper assembly before initiating the sharpening operation. The saw chain is easily mounted or adjusted on the machine. Moreover, there are numerous tutorials of using the device on YouTube.
  • The Bench/Wall Mountain Chain Grinder also provides you with a clear vision of the operation hence it is less likely to destroy the blade or chain.

Conclusion and Recommendations

ECSS electric chainsaw is the most recommendable saw sharpener and one of the best electric chainsaw sharpener for lumberjacks for it produces high-quality, honed and polished blades that perform better. Timberline chainsaw sharpener is also recommendable because it has a solid surface that guarantees precise and accurate shapes to every kind of teeth.

Bench/wall mounted chain grinders have a sliding feature that makes the sharpening operation simpler. There are numerous tutorials of using each device in YouTube channels.

Nonetheless, always conduct significant research concerning the best sharpening tool that provides you with the best way to sharpen your saw.

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