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If you love doing woodwork, the reciprocating saw will definitely be one of the top tools to have in your arsenal. Not only does it have many great features, but it can make getting through those wooden pallets a little easier. The units have many features, and they can work much more efficiently than your standard wooden saw.

I have been working with power tools for many years, and tools like the reciprocating saw are something that I was rather hesitant to try out. However, it does make life easier, and I have used it a couple of times. It has made my life a little easier. We are here to show you some of the best options on the market today and allow you to find the right one for your needs.

The DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw is certainly one of the best options, and the fact that it is cordless makes life a little easier as well. The 18-volt motor can cut through anything, and the variable speeds will ensure you have more precision to your work. You are also backed by one of the best brands.

Best Sawzall/Reciprocating Saw On The Market Today:

The features of power tools can be very detailed and intricate. However, the saws themselves might be a little more interesting if you are looking to buy one. We have included a small buyer’s guide with a few of the top features as well. Before we dive into all those features, we need to look at the top reciprocating saws on the market today:

#1. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw – Top Pick

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless


  • Sure-Grip Technology for the handle
  • 3,000 strokes per minute
  • Compatible with numerous battery packs and chargers
  • Powerful unit


  • Fairly expensive
  • No charger or extra batteries included

If you are looking for one of the top brands in the power tool industry, you can’t go wrong with a brand like DEWALT. The DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw is one of the leading options. Its variable speeds and cordless design enables users to make it more portable and easier to use.

The cutting blade is around 1 and 1/8 of an inch, making it large enough to get through most of the jobs that you need to do. The variable speeds can go all the way up to 3,000 strokes per minute, making simple wood pellets a small task and easily done for someone who is working with a large number of wooden projects.

Looking at the handles, we have Sure-Grip Technology. This means that rubber has been added to ensure that your hands don’t slip and you won’t lose any grip. It is compatible with a 15-minute charger for your battery, and you can buy additional batteries. However, it is not the best when you need a lot of battery life for your work.

Compared to some of the other models, this one is fairly expensive. However, you won’t need to buy another one for a very long time, and the motor does not require a lot of maintenance. DEWALT generally includes decent warranties, and this means you will have some peace of mind. It is definitely recommended for professional use.

#2. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw – Best Value For Money



  • Really lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 3,000 strokes per minute
  • Includes a limited 2-year warranty


  • It lacks a little bit of stability

BLACK+DECKER is a great brand that you can choose, and they don’t only specialize in power tools but also have a hand in normal tools. The BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw is cordless and includes a powerful 20-volt battery that enables it to get through most jobs swiftly and without too many hassles.

Once again, the unit includes variable speed control, and it can reach up to 3,000 strokes per minute. When we start looking at top brands, you will find that this is the norm. The unit is lightweight as well, and since it already comes with an extra battery and a charger, you don’t need to spend the extra amount of money to buy these.

Stability is one of the only concerns that I had with this unit. Since the weight is slightly lighter than you would generally have, it is hard to get those precision cuts. However, you will eventually navigate this issue, and once it has been rested on something, it will be much more accurate. This is one of the only complaints we had.

The price is also affordable, and since the brand is rated among the top ones, you can see why this is also a trendy model for most people. The limited 2-year warranty will definitely give you some peace of mind and ensure you are protected. If you are looking to do a lot of portable work, this is a great option to consider.

#3. PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Reciprocating Tigersaw – Best Budget Saw



  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 1-inch saw blade
  • 3,000 strokes per minute
  • Really affordable


  • The blade might be a little small

One of the wildcard options I had to include in this list is the PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Reciprocating Tigersaw. It still has many of the same features, and the cordless design means that you won’t need to worry about keeping it plugged in as you are busy working through tough wooden pieces.

The blade can deliver 1-inch strokes, which might be a little small when we look at some of the previous models. However, it still has the trigger that enables you to reach up to 3,000 strokes per minute when it is held in. The grip is solid, and the unit definitely will not slip out of your hands when working at faster paces.

The reason I have included it is the compact design. Since it is slightly smaller than the others, you have the ability to work in smaller and tighter spaces. Should you need to replace the saw itself, you can easily do this without the need for additional tools. Finding the replacements was easy for this tool, and they are abundant.

I think the price is one of the most affordable options, and while this unit is not ideal for professional use, it does have a lot of power. I could not find all the additional accessories, and these must be purchased separately, but you can do this over time. This will be a great option if you like to work with wood as part of your hobby.

#4. DEWALT DWE305 12 Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw – Best Corded Saw

DEWALT DWE305 12 Amp Corded


  • Up to 2,900 strokes per minute
  • Can be bought with multiple blades
  • Easy to interchange blades
  • Corded design


  • Lacks portability

A corded reciprocating saw can also do wonders when you have a decent working station. If you decided to choose a corded option, you should still consider one of the leading brands in the industry. The DEWALT DWE305 12 Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw is one of the most powerful options, and it has everything included.

The motor can do around 2,900 strokes per minute when the trigger is fully pulled and you are looking to work fast. The blade has many clamps, and it can be removed without actually using any tools. DEWALT does have another option for this saw that will include numerous different blades to get the job done efficiently.

While many saws are most certainly cheaper, you need to keep the brand in mind. When you need a saw to work professionally, it can be tough to find something better than this. I would recommend it at this price point for the quality and value you get for your money. It is also effortless to use for beginners.

#5. SKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw



  • Powerful 13-amp motor
  • Durable construction with excellent grip
  • Reasonably priced
  • Interchangeable blades


  • Also lacks portability

Last but certainly not least, we have another corded reciprocating saw that almost anyone can use. The SKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw is designed for beginners and those with solid working stations. Having a 13-amp motor definitely adds all the power that one needs to get almost any job done.

The blade is a massive 1 and 1/8 of an inch, giving it that additional length to ensure the job is done a little faster. Not only this, but you can interchange the blades without the need for additional tools. As you would expect, it still has the same speed of 3,000 strokes per minute that most of the others also have included.

Unfortunately, this version has many great accessories, and it could be a little more expensive than you would expect. The average beginner might not be happy with the price, but they will certainly be happy with the product. I would recommend it for bench workers with a decent station and need something with a solid reputation.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Sawzall/Reciprocating Saw

You have now seen all the options that we consider the best, but we had to understand some of the features before simply making these choices. To help you with the right one, we have included a small breakdown of these features we used. This will make it much easier for you to find a reciprocating saw if none of these appeal to your needs:

Corded Vs. Cordless:

Since you can have power tools with a cord or a cordless version, this will be the first choice to make. However, it all comes down to portability and where you want to use the unit. The corded versions and the cordless versions are around the same price point. If you need to move around, we would recommend going for a cordless version with additional batteries.

Strokes Per Minute:

The strokes the unit can deliver will affect the speed of your work. If you can get more strokes, you will be slicing through the wood in almost no time at all. Most of the options we chose are around the 3,000 strokes per minute mark. However, you can go a little lower if you don’t need that speed and want o save a couple of bucks.

Blade Length:

Continuing with the trend of speeding up the process, you also need to keep the length of the blade in mind. Not all of the blades are the same, and many of them have varying qualities of features that are important. 1-inch is probably the norm, and we would not recommend looking for a shorter blade or gives you shorter cuts.

Additionally, it would be best to keep in mind that there are various sets you can buy. Almost every brand has there own set of additional blades that you can buy. If you have the funds, it might be worth making such an investment.


Lastly, accessories have a significant role in giving you value for your money. We are not talking about extra blades but rather looking at the grip and stability for one. If the unit has great grip and stability, it won’t slip out of your hands when in use. You can also look for interchangeable grips.

Should you choose a cordless version, numerous great battery packs are universally compatible with charging units.

Wrapping Up

Testing these top reciprocating saws has been a real treat. Nature might not love me for all the wood I went through, but you can now find the ideal reciprocating saw to meet your needs. I personally recommend DEWALT as the leading brand, and they have a wide variety of options to choose from. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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