Best Residential Zero Turn Mower: Groom Your Garden Like a Pro

Cramped environments like a residential yard carpeted with labyrinthine grass make it difficult to hack your way through with traditional lawn mowers. But zero-turning radius (ZTR) mowers introduce a whole new convenience with improved manoeuvrability, visibility, traction, and ergonomics. They allow you to nimbly manoeuver around obstacles, embankments or ditches.  

If you want to cut grass height with hairsplitting accuracy without puttering around all day, ZTR machines will do the job. ZTR steering systems have improved equilibrium to promote stable travelling, turning, and mowing on tough terrains.

Take a look at the 4 best residential zero turn mowers of 2019 with individual reviews.

Top Pick

The Ariens Zoom series zero-turn mower has been making a sensational climb up the charts in the grass clipping world. It offers superior mechanical integrity, comfort and ride quality while it shears the grass without rupturing or pulling.

🥇Our Best Rated Zero Turn Mower

Ariens Edge 52 in. 726 cc Zero-Turn-Radius Lawn Tractor

Ariens Edge 52

  • Comes with 9HP powerful engine
  • Very wide cutting width (42 inch)
  • Forward and reverse with 0 turning radius
  • Comes with massive 2 gal. fuel tank capacity

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To milk this invention for all its worth, why not have a bash at our 10 best-in-class machines along with a buying guide?

View the Best Residential Zero Turn Mower on the Market, Below.

Ariens ZoomDeck Size: 42″
Engine: 19HP
No. of Blades: 2

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Ariens IKON-XDeck Size: 52″
Engine: 23HP
No. of Blades: 3

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Husqvarna Z254Deck Size: 54″
Engine: 21HP
No. of Blades: 2

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ARIENS APEXDeck Size: 60″
Engine: 25HP
No. of Blades: 2

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#1. Ariens Zoom 42-19hp Residential Zero Turn Mower- Top Pick

Ariens stands out with specialized outdoor power equipment renowned for superior comfort, precision, strength, and maneuverability. Founded in 1933, Ariens pushes out riding mowers with commercial frames for off-the-charts durability and improved decks improving efficiency. The brand has a name for reliability and affordability.

The Ariens gets some steam up with a 19HP, 660 CC Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin engine, suitable to maneuver in soaked or dry yards. Paired with a smooth hydrostatic transmission, electric PTO, and automatic drive mechanism, it runs like a high-tech toy. This brainchild is perfect for small to medium-sized lawns or gardens as well as traversing around obstacles and awkward spaces.

For improved versatility, it also broadens your maintenance repertoire with mulching, side-disembarking, and rear-bagging capabilities. And for micro-precision, you can change the height-of-cut from 1.5” to 4.5”. This machine will zip through your yard and trim sprawling areas in the shortest space of time.    

With this workhorse, you don’t have to worry your investment will get battered due to repetitive use. It has a high-quality feel and boasts a 42” stamped steel deck for added strength. A washout port makes cleanup a breeze. Speaking of comfort, it eases off strain or fatigue with a cozy high-back seat and foam encapsulated handles for protracted operations.  

Innovative fabricated mower decks provide professional-grade performance if you thirst for an excellent finishing touch and smooth cut. The revved-up engine will keep hitting on all cylinders under harsh, demanding conditions.


  • Zero-turning radius for tight spots
  • High-precision maneuverability
  • Smooth ride, increased responsiveness and user comfort
  • Intuitive operability
  • Works seamlessly on wet surfaces


  • Small front wheels may dig into the ground and get stuck

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#2. Ariens IKON-X 52” Residential Zero Turn Mower

The Ariens ZTR mowers are hard to beat when it comes to mowing near buildings or landscaping. With the Ariens IKON-X 52” Zero-Turn Mower, you’ll unleash tremendous versatility and productivity. This well-built machine makes mowing your expansive premises easy as rolling off a log. With plenty of juice, high performance, and durable construction, it makes a winning combination to tackle any yard condition.   

For an up-and-running operation nonstop at the peak speed of 7mph, it incorporates duel hydrostatic hydro-gear EZT transmission. The fabricated 52” deck made from 10-gauge steel with spindles places it in the catbird seat in terms of strength. It also possesses three blades that deliver a maximum speed of up 17,000 feet per minute. Side discharge, rear-bagging and mulching systems broaden your versatility repertoire.  

It offers 13 height increments in the region of 1.5” to 4.5” to customize lawn appearance in detail. It integrates a fully tubular steel frame steeped in a commercial-grade concept adding an extra layer of durability. Users say you feel as snug as a bug in a rug nestled up against the high-back padded seat with arm rests. With an assortment of attachments and accessories, it’s an ultra-versatile machine in a class of its own. However, this doesn’t translate to a multipurpose with front-deck accessories of a commercial ZTR.


  • Solid construction and longest-lasting
  • Intuitive dial selector for cutting height has 13 settings
  • Mulch, side-discharge, and bagging systems
  • A variety of optional attachments available
  • Long-life deck spindles


  • Control system not sophisticated

#3. Husqvarna Z254 21.5 HP – Best Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna put its name on the map 20 years ago as a pioneer of robotic lawn mowers. The company taps into increasing revolutions in technology to improve performance, comfort and productivity. The Husqvarna Z254 21.5 HP Zero Turn Mower follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with superior comfort. Riders feel more isolated from the terrain.

Ranging over extensive lawns takes a heck of a power and a cutting deck broad as a barn door. With the Husqvarna Z254’s 54” cutting deck, you can hack your way through wide-ranging swathes to finish off in record time. In the same vein, Air Induction Mowing Technology allows it to drain off air from top to bottom in the cutting deck improving grass lift for tiptop cuts. The deck-mounted lift system lets you readjust the height-of-cut while ensconced in the driver’s seat. Besides, it’s maintenance-free to get the stresses and strains of traditional grass-mowing machines off your chest.

Husqvarna sports a supercharged 24 HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series V-Twin engine that delivers a maximum forward speed of 6.5mph. It encapsulates EZT Hydrostatic transmission that makes it maintenance-free to ditch downtimes. An auto-choke system renders easier startup without manual input. The swings and roundabouts for this zero-turn steering stems from hill instability, you cannot trim straight lines on oblique slopes.    


  • Stamped, reinforced heavy flat-stock steel
  • Sturdy 6” and turf-friendly front casters  
  • Ergonomic seat, padded handles for reduced fatigue  
  • Smooth hydrostatic transmission
  • Maintenance-free


  • Not ideal for overly steep terrains

#4. Ariens Company Apex 60 25-HP Residential Turn Mower

Ariens zero turn mowers render superb maneuverability, dependable performance and heavy-duty construction. The Ariens Company Apex takes the breakneck speed and agility of Zero Turn Radius models a notch higher for optimal control. You can whiz through large, open areas at maximum speed to polish off in a jiffy or in snail’s pace for controlled maneuvering near trees, gardens and landscaping. With the Ariens Company Apex 60 Lawn Tractor, you have a whale of a time with your yard and a modicum of care.

From the Hydro-Gear ZT 3100 Transaxle Transmission and the extreme-duty 10 gauge fabricated cutting deck with 25 Gauge Cast Iron Spindle, this Ariens Company Apex lineup makes a workhorse for reliable and long-lasting performance. The a 25 HP Kohler 7000 Series Pro V-Twin Engine provides smooth, whisper-quiet and optimal power. You have 15 height-of-cut adjustments to customize your lawn appearance. It answers your description if you crave for pro-like performance with Kohler engines, heavy-duty deck and welded steel frame for taking on the severest challenges.

You can hit a top speed of 8 mph forward and 4 mph rearward fast. Smooth 13” front wheels prevent turf wear and improve maneuverability. Users confess the sizable 22” rear wheels render a smoother ride over rugged terrain than small diameter tires. Triple blade configuration will help you handle tough cutting conditions with a superior quality of cut.


  • High back seat with armrests and electric PTO  
  • 4 point commercial deck hanging system
  • 5-year warranty
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Improved strength and durability


  • Vibrates too much due to deck noise

#5. Husqvarna 967277401 52” Residential Zero Turn Mower

Ask any professional landscaper attuned to the distinctive smell of freshly mown grass and Husqvarna rings a bell. Husqvarna Group has seized a lion’s share of the global market in the sale of outdoor power equipment and revolutionary solutions for forest, yard and park maintenance.

By the same token, the Husqvarna 967277401 incorporates an extreme-duty, fabricated cutting deck with eleven gauge steel for improved reinforcement of spindles and better overall ruggedness. It comes in a rigid construction to plow through rough environments and irregularly shaped obstacles.

The ergonomic deck lifting system will render a pinpoint-accurate tweak of the height of cut so that you can snip the top cleanly leaving manicured turfs. You can adjust quickly and effortlessly. Premium-grade zero-turning radius transmission with charge-pumps, oversized drive axles and expansion tanks will brave all repetitive mistreatments.

And, thanks to its robust 6” wide front casters equipped with pneumatic tires, you get more longevity and slicing through in a scissoring-like action easy on turf. You won’t encounter ripping or tearing, this promotes a lush appearance, improved health and growth. Behind the wheel, you get a smooth operation and unfettered maneuverability with a modicum effort on your part.  

On the whole, Husqvarna 967277401 answers your description if you want a heavy-duty model for rough terrains. The super-intuitive interface, heavy-gauge steel frame and commercial-grade hydraulic system take your mowing experience a notch above.


  • Rugged steel deck will stand the test of all times
  • Mulch and collection capabilities
  • Comfortable ride feel
  • Improved performance, durability and productivity
  • Turf-friendly, non-tearing for quick healing


  • Serviceability beyond the ken of many do-it-yourselfers
  • Too bulky to flip over and repair underneath

#6. Poulan Pro P46ZX – Ultimate in Power and Performance

For a lawn luxuriant enough to make the Joneses green with envy, the Poulan Pro P46ZX Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower creates groomed patterns that put neighborhood turfs in the shade. Experience a scalpel-precise cut with a 46” stamped and reinforced deck. It hacks through broadened-out swathes as you navigate across your lawn. It is an excellent option for those seeking an entry-level zero-turn mower with a powerful engine and better maneuverability.

It incorporates a more robust 22 HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Pro Series engine for an extended lifespan. You can trim up to 2.4 acres per hour and increase your productivity multifold. Lawn freaks agree the Poulan makes the job a labor of passion with dual-wheel hydro transmission precision and trouble-free maneuverability. Users see the dual hydro-gear EZT drive system as a feat due to optimal control.

It also integrates an electric clutch blade engagement renders peak performance. With a top speed of 6mph and a sizable 3.5 gallon fuel capacity, it delivers ultra-efficient, fast-paced operations. Moreover, you can tweak the height of cut with ½” increments in the neighborhood of 1.5” to 4”.

If you want optimum comfort behind the wheel, the Poulan ZTR boasts a 15” extra-high seat rear and dual levers with ergonomic, foam-insulated handgrips. On the downside, we came across complaints from users who found it difficult to master lap band-operated steering.  


  • Each wheel controllable independently for smooth turns
  • A digital hour meter to track time
  • Three anti-scalp rollers protect your lawn  
  • Affordable entry-level ZTR
  • 3 speed dual wheel transmission


  • Controlling both wheels simultaneously gets creepy

#7. Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc – Unmatched Maneuverability

While the Poulan Pro P46ZX packs a 22HP engine, the Troy-Bilt 25HP pushes the envelope to range over massive lawns more effortlessly. It comes with a twin hydro-dual EZT transmission and innovative “Power Take Off” technology making engaging and disengaging blades a breeze. It hits a peak forward speed of up to 7mph like a streak of lightning to complete lawn tasks in the shortest space of time.

This model integrates an extra-large triple blade 54” cutting edge to slice through wide swathes across your yard quickly. Additionally, the SynchroSteer technology 4-wheel steering system synergizes the maneuverability of the steering wheel with zero-turn capabilities making it the king of the hills and rugged terrain. For an accurate, super-quality cut and a groomed appearance, the unit offers eight adjustable height settings for an exact manicure.  

This ZTR machine imparts from the nine lives of your feline friend. It has a reinforced heavy-gauge steel frame. It has lifelong, grease-friendly front caster wheels to conquer any terrain. Any lawn fanatic will agree it has a natural feel and hugs you in the lap of luxury with an adaptable 18-inch high back seat. Just park yourself and steer the wheel to do the job.

But don’t get your bowels in an uproar yet as the model lacks the accuracy of lap band-operated machines. This means you need a mopping up operation to level out lawns in detail.


  • Intuitive steering system  
  • Extra-large 54” cutting deck
  • Traverses hills and inclines effortlessly
  • Superior durability
  • Ultra-comfortable ride feel


  • Rugged build is a dead giveaway of awkwardness

#8. Swisher ZTR2454KA – Rugged and Reliable

The Swisher Response Kawasaki ZTR Mower mimics the sumptuous ride quality of the Mercedes-Benz lineup with comfort and luxury a cut above. With improved performance response and high-efficiency mowing, it best suits medium or large yard owners bloodthirsty for speed.   

The wheels rotate a full 360 degrees turn and it has a low center of gravity for super-maneuverability. Besides, it whips up a manicured, shipshape lawn in a trice at a pocket-friendly price. Under the hood of the Swisher TR2454KA sits tons of power for a residential ZTR machine. A 24HP Kawasaki FR730V engine renders a top speed of up to 8MPH. It also boasts a Hydro Gear 2800 transmission along with an Ogura clutch.

Swisher engineered the assembly with a novel rapid response control system delivering maximum comfort and control. You can position your arms in a natural position, unlike models with longer steering bars to prevent fatigue and strain when mowing sprawling areas. The sizable 54” cutting deck with three Gator mulching blades renders fast cuts while mulched clippings leave a squeaky clean and healthier lawn. And if you want to tweak the cutting height, just use the foot-assisted deck lift to punch out your desired cut.

It’s a pearl of great price for homeowners with extensive properties since it features a generous 8-gallon fuel tank to eliminate downtimes and intermittent refueling. Unfortunately, this machine cannot handle a hilly slope exceeding 15 degrees.


  • Full-engine wrap for a dust-and-debris proof unit
  • All bells and whistles
  • Unique, smooth ride quality
  • Top speed of 8mph
  • Generous fuel tank


  • Does not comply with Californian stringent emission rules

#9. Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP – Powerful & Commercial-Like Performance

Troy-Bilt patented the very first rototiller in 1937 revolutionizing the American landscape. Today, the company remains in the front line of manufacturing reliable outdoor power equipment and mowers. The Mustang 54 zero-turn riding mower offers professional-grade versatility without sacrificing cut quality or smooth ride.

It comes equipped with dual EZT transmission for a controlled motion that allows a smoother ride, enhanced tracing of the yard and high-precision cuts. The engine behind the power is a robust 25 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek Twin Cylinder engine with an oil filter. It renders fadeless power and keeps hitting on all cylinders to hit a maximum forward speed of 7mph. This workhorse plows through chunks of lawn spaces with a 54” cutting deck like hell and high lightning.

An Electric Power Take-Off makes it a breeze to engage the blade to get rolling immediately. You tweak eight height-of-cut adjustment settings with minimum effort for hairsplitting accuracy. The 18” high back seat and dual suspension makes it as comfortable as your old shoe. It also integrates a floating front axle, fuel gauge, four deck wheels, 13-gauge aluminum deck and roller to brave all the elements without damaging your lawn. Built-in wash port makes it easy to comb out debris for trouble-free maintenance.     

However, the Mustang 54 lags behind other riding mowers in terms of top speed. It’s also designed for sprawling lawns or landscapes making it unsuitable for most residential property with small yards.


  • 54” cutting deck ideal for sizable property
  • Reverse Mow Control function for reversing
  • Revved-up, fuel-efficient engine
  • Deck wash port for easy mop off
  • Intuitive controls


  • Only suitable for extensive yards

#10. Poulan Pro 967639601 61” Zero – Turn Riding Mower-User-Friendly Residential Expertise

With more than seven decades of expertise in making outdoor power equipment, Poulan has got the design, performance and comfort down to a fine art. Poulan Pro 967639601 puts your skaters on to breeze through the most sizable yards in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. With impressive power, advanced features, and the widest cutting deck in this price range, it’s a must-have for homeowners with extensive lawns.    

At the outset, the machine integrates a super-powerful 26 HP Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Pro Series engine and dual professional-grade hydrostatic system churning out the power and efficiency you need to take on extreme lawn conditions. It hits a top speed of 8.5mph forward speed to zoom across your yard in a trice. The mower puts the pedal to the metal with an extra-wide 61” cutting deck armed with premium sharp blades that engage quick as a flash with the flick of a switch. Even better, you can tweak the height-of-cut with a hands-free, foot-activated deck lift.

The thoroughbred ZTR mower comes with an 11-gauge fabricated steel deck with high-tensile strength and long-standing durability. Two anti-scalp deck wheels in sync with a nose roller reduce turf compaction. An 18” high-back seat with arm rests along with ergonomic, foam-padded steering laps’ bars and a generous step-through area create a throne fit for the gods. Some users felt dissatisfied with the Poulan Pro’s 5.0 gallon capacity saying you have to refuel for larger yards.      


  • Easy mounting and disembarking
  • Ultra-powerful motor and hydrostatic drive transmission
  • 61” cutting deck broadens reach
  • First-class ride comfort
  • Built-in cup holder and water hose connector


  • Smaller fuel tank than other models

Buyers Guide: Things you must consider before a purchase

Finding the perfect residential zero turn mower can rack your brains with the profusion of machines in the market. But you won’t buy a pig in a poke, thanks to our buyer’s guide which fleshes out the factors you MUST consider to give a bang for your buck.

What are you looking for?

You can get a double whammy with the cream of residential zero turn mowers imparting professional-grade features from their commercial counterparts. You may want a heavy-gauge ZTR as each component enhances the strength and durability over the long haul. Accordingly, a long-term investment paired with effortless maintenance, solid warranty and ease of use. Shoppers take residential ZTR as a misnomer for entry-level commercial zero-turn mowers. To the contrary, rugged, powerful and comfort-focused residential-based machines render a superior quality of cut. It translates to extended life and durability.

Advantages of Residential Zero Turn Mowers 

ZTR evolved to upgrade the traditional tractor and offer more benefits to the DIY landscaper.

The zero-turn maneuverability allows close shearing around trees and other obstacles in the yard. Combined with record-setting speed and intuitive operability you can trim hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.

Most of these machines have a dual hydrostatic drive system providing independent propulsion to each wheel for optimal traction and maneuverability. Improved and super-wide decks handle tough cutting conditions and render a superior quality of cut.

The user-friendly and comfort-oriented features ease off fatigue when mowing the biggest yards. The adjustable height of cut allows you to polish your lawn with a personal touch.

Important Features to Consider 

Engine Horsepower 

The engine is the hidden soul of your mower, and thus, you must pay attention to the horsepower and specifications. However, the most powerful engines cost an arm and a leg. You have to leverage the price: performance ratio to strike the best deal. The engines branch off into single cylinder and V-Twin. Single cylinder models cut the costs down to the bone but lack the robust torque of the V-Twin counterparts making the ideal for smaller properties. V-Twin engines render more power, improved gas mileage, as well as minimal noise and vibration. More horsepower translates to excellent performance at high speeds.

Deck Size 

Generally, a wider deck mows more inches in a single stroke. Heavy-gauge decks can cut time in half and increase productivity. Similarly, a broader deck best suits homeowners with sprawling properties as it would be difficult to navigate tight spaces of small yards. Importantly, wider cutting decks require super-powerful engines engineered for the extreme-duty workload.


You don’t want a machine that gets ready for the knacker’s yard in months. A reliable workhorse should come with a stamped or fabricated cutting deck. Fabricated decks boast superior durability and ruggedness bent for repetitive use or toughest conditions.  Other components like a heavy-gauge guard shield the engine from foreign particles. The frame should also provide more strength and durability.


Some machines include an impressive assortment of accessories to harvest more benefits from mowing. Mulching, bagging and recycler kits allow you to knock into shape a healthy lawn momentarily. You can throw in optional trimmings like a light to hit the yard in low light conditions. Bagging means you clean up grass clippings and foliage for a spick-and-span lawn.


You should go for a fine-quality ride and a comfortable, high-back seat for natural support to hold fatigue at bay for improved productivity. Premium seats integrate a vibration-suppressing technology, foot-operated height-of-cut and foam-padded grips. Armrests improve your productivity by easing off strain. Remember you’ll be behind the wheel in the long haul and an ergonomic-focused vehicle redresses operator fatigue.  


The factors you have to consider for a lucrative bargain go to the bottom line of productivity. Given that you have to pay through the nose for a commercial-like, durable and high-performance machine, you can’t rush headlong into making a choice. From the cutting deck to engine specs, the comfort level and the accessories, you must ponder over everything. All the same, zero-turn lawn mowers flash across your yard quickly with ease-of-use and agility. The unobstructed front-view and unfettered maneuverability allows you to trim around obstacles or along edges. If you want to give your lawn a verdant, groomed and manicured appearance, our heavy-duty picks will make you a safe pair of hands 

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