8 Best Lawn Mower Lifts Reviews 2021

Mowers need regular maintenance and to perform routine tasks like cleaning we need to elevate it to a certain height. This is why we need a lawn mower lift to perform tasks like blade replacement, sharpening and debris removal etc. Safety, Ease of Storage and Overall Weight are the other important factors we need to keep in mind while selecting the mower lift.

#1. Pro-Lift T-5335A 350 Pound Capacity Lawn Mower Lift – Top Pick


You can choose between a 300 pound, 350 pound, or 550 pound weight capacity, with very little difference between size and weight between models. To use the jack you simply need to pump the foot pedal and raise it to the desired height.

There are rubber pads on the platform where your front wheels go to prevent scratches and hold the mower in place. The foot pedal is easy to control and won’t slip as you use it. There is also a secure locking lever to make sure everything stays exactly where you want it. You can also adjust the width of the platform to make it easy to use on many different lawn mowers.

#2. MoJack ZR- Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift – Runner-up


If you have a small garage, or limited storage space, MoJack’s ZR-Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift is a great option. The folding design makes it incredibly compact and easy to store in small spaces. The lift itself is a drill- turned design and is also able to be controlled with a hand crank lever.

You can adjust the lift to accommodate most residential mowers ranging from 17.5 inches and 45 inches in front wheel width. The customisable width makes it easy to use for different mowers, without being a hassle. The maximum weight capacity of this lift is 250 pounds and it is backed with a two year warranty in case you have any issues.

This lift can raise up to 20 inches off the ground, and allows you to raise and lower your lift with just one hand. The power drill’s direction controls whether the lift goes up or down. The manual option is as easy as turning a lever in a circle to control the direction your lift goes. You can also use this lift on lawn tractors, not just mowers.

#3. Larin Corporation LMLF-750 Lawn Mower Lift – Greatest Weight Capacity


For those who need something with a large weight capacity to accommodate heavier mowers, Larin has you covered. It has a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds and can reach up to 26 inches in height. Safety straps are included to help you secure the front wheels of your lawn mower onto the platform as you lift it. This works to guarantee that nothing goes wrong during the lifting process with such a heavy load.

The lift can easily be converted into a farm jack, providing you with two tools in one. The farm jack can help to lift, pull, clamp and spread, with a weight capacity of 4,660 pounds. It can also lift between 6 inches and 42 inches when in the farm jack mode.

#4. Copachi Push Lawn Mower Lift – Easiest to Set Up


Lifts aren’t just for riding lawn mowers. Push mowers need maintenance as well and need to be properly secured when being worked on. Copachi provides you with a heavy duty push lawn mower lift, that is simple and hassle free. The lift can raise up to 22 inches in height and can handle up to 110 pounds in weight capacity. This model from Copachi is compatible with almost all push mowers on the market.

Rather than use levers or pedals, this riding mower lift utilizes an adjustable key similar to what you see on gym equipment. Because push mowers are so much lighter, it makes it simple to use the key and cut down on the mechanisms needed. This also makes it incredibly easy to put together and take apart for simple maintenance and storage.

#5. MoJack HDL 500 – Best Zero Turn Mower Lift


Another great option from MoJack, this multi- level mower lift is designed to be above average. There is no assembly needed, but can easily be folded down into a flat and hassle free design. This makes it very easy to store without taking up a lot of space.

This lift has a 500 pound weight capacity, and the width can expand to up to 50 inches. That means you can easily use it for residential lawn tractors, zero turn riding lawn mowers and ATVs. The lift can reach up to 24 inches in height and has straps to hold your mower securely in place as it is on the lift. An automatic, multi- level safety brake system is included in the design to provide greater safety and security when working on your mower.

#6. High Lift Jack 300-Pound – Best Riding Mower Lift


If you are looking for something that is quick to set up, and can handle up to 300 pounds of weight capacity, this lift is perfect. It comes with durable rubber wheels on one side to maneuver from one location to another without needing to carry it. When you set it up the wheels are on the side and will not impact stability or performance.

This hydraulic lift jack can easily reach a height of 24 inches and is controlled through a foot pump. You also have a three position safety lock and a slow and controlled release via the foot pedal. There is a six position wheel saddle to adjust the depth to accommodate different tires. You can also adjust the wheel width from 25 inches wide, to 39 inches with five different positions to choose from. To store the lift, you simply need to remove one pin for it to fold up and make it more compact.

#7. Goplus Mower Lift: Best Lawn Tractor Lift

Goplus Mower Lift High Lift Jack 350lb


The lift has two nylon wheels to easily move it from one spot to the next, without needing to carry the weight or awkwardly maneuver around other objects. With a 300 pound weight capacity, this hydraulic powered lift is perfect to use for maintaining your ATVs, residential lawn tractors and zero turn riding lawn mowers.

You can adjust the height of the lift with the foot pump, and can raise it up to 25 inches off the ground. The foot pump saves you energy and allows you to watch as the mower is lifted. You can adjust the width of your lift between 36 and 51 inches to accommodate a wide range of models and machines, and a six position wheel saddle adjusts your wheel depth with just one hand. You can also lower your lift easily and safely with a separate foot pedal. This allows you greater control over the lowering process and the speed.

#8. MoJack XT – Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift – Easiest To Store

MoJack XT - Residential 500lb


MoJack is on this list so many times for a reason. Their lawn mower lifts are professional grade, while easy to use for everyone. The XT model is perfect for residential lawn tractors or any zero turn riding lawn mower with a 500 pound weight capacity. The drill turn power system makes it easy to raise and lower your lift with just one hand. There is also a hand crank that can be used if you don’t have a power drill nearby. This model can be raised up to 25 inches off the ground, and has a screw jack and safety lock to keep everything in place.

You can also adjust the width of the lift to accommodate a wide range of tractors and mowers. Anything between 31.5 inches and 62.5 inches will work on this lift without issue. The simple set up and adjustability makes it easy to use the XT for more complicated repairs and well as routine maintenance. When you aren’t using the lift, you can fold it up and store it away, or hang it on the wall.

If you need less weight capacity or more, there is a 300 pound and 700 pound weight capacity model option as well.

Guidelines in Choosing The Best Mower Lift

To make sure you are choosing the right lawn mower lift for your needs, it is important to look at the different features offered.

Consider The Type Of Lift

There are four main types of lifts you can choose from.

Hydraulic Lifts are designed to be raised by foot pedal and allow you a lot of control raising and lowering your mower. The hydraulics offer a very smooth performance and is great for any user.

Drill- Turned Lifts lets you use a power drill to control the lifting process. If you do not have a power drill handy, many drill-turned lifts also have levers to control your lift.

Scissor- Action Lifts are very similar to a car jack, and are designed to be the easiest and most affordable models. You operate these types of lifts by utilizing the levers on the machine. However, these types of lifts are ideal for lighter weight machines and require more effort for heavier loads.

Pneumatic Lifts are powered by an air compressor and require very little effort on your part. However, this type of lift can be much more expensive because of the greater convenience in the design.

Confirm The Lifting Weight Capacity

When you hear the term maximum weight capacity, you might assume it is referring to the total weight of the object you are lifting. But when it comes to lawn mower lifts, it is not the total weight, but the weight of the front of the mower. For example, if your lawn mower weights 700 pounds, you will need something with a weight capacity of at least 350 pounds. Because you are only lifting half the machine, you only need it to hold half the weight. However, it is crucial that you know how much your machine weighs and don’t overload the lift. Too much weight on your lift can not only damage your lift, but your mower and yourself.

To get a rough idea of what you need for weight capacity, it is important to consider the type of lawn mower you are using. For push mowers or self- propelled mowers, you will need up to 200 pounds of weight capacity. It is very unlikely you will need more for these mower models. For a residential zero turn mowers, lawn tractor or ATV, you are looking at somewhere between 300 pounds and 500 pounds in weight capacity. Heavy duty zero turn mowers and lawn tractors are going to need over 500 pounds of weight capacity.

Look at Lifting Height

It goes without saying that your view of the underside of your lawn mower improves as the height is increased. But you also want to keep your lawn mower stable when propped up. The standard height for lawn mower lifts is 22 inches, allowing you room to look under your mower, without becoming unstable. There are a few models that can provide more height, but it is recommended that you don’t go to much higher or lower with your selection.

Check for Adjustable Width

Width is crucial to the stability and safety of the lawn mower lift. A good rule of thumb is that the width needs to at the very least fit your entire lawn mower. This includes wheels and any attachments. This will keep your lawn mower from wobbling when on the lift and risking tipping. The more width you have, the more stability there will be.

Safety Features

Depending on the model of lawn mower lift, you can expect to see many different features designed for your safety. But no matter which model of loft you go with, it must have an automatic and secure lock. This needs to lock in both the mower on the lift, and the lift at your desired height. Without a secure lock you can easily be injured, or even killed.

Ease of Use

Lawn mower lifts should be easy to set up and use as you need it. A common feature that many lift owners like is a pedal that allows you to easily adjust the height of the lift. This is not only convenient, but also safer to use because you can be watching as the lift raises up.

There are also many models of mower lifts that are designed to easily be set up and taken down. The ability to fold up your lawn mower jack when you aren’t using it can be crucial for those with little space to spare.

Lawn Mower Lifting

To lift your riding lawn mower of the ground it is important to make sure you take the time to follow the proper steps.

Firstly, before you can begin lifting your mower, you need to make sure that the width of your lift will accommodate the wheel width. You should adjust the width to what you will need, and make sure your mower will fit entirely on the lift with no issues.

Once you width is set, you can then slide the lift under the front wheels of your mower. The wheels should be centered as much as possible for the most even and secure lift.

You can then begin lifting your mower to the desired height. Once you have lifted your mower as high as you want it, you then need to securely lock it all in place. If at any time during the lifting process something seems wrong, you should stop lifting and start lowering your mower back down to the ground slowly.


Cleaning and maintaining your lawn mower doesn’t have to be such a hassle. From blindly searching around, to performing a balancing act to see underneath your mower, it is dangerous and time consuming to try and keep your mower fully maintained. With a quality lawn mower lift, you can skip paying for professional maintenance and do it yourself safely. Your mower, and your hands, will thank you.

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