7 Best Digital Notepad/NoteBook: Smart Way to Take Notes in 2021

E-More LCD Graphic Writing Tablet

After spending 15+hours and reviewing 30+ products we have sorted this list of products which are best in all aspects. Read the complete review and our guide

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Boogie Board New

Boogie Board New

  • Comes with 8.5 inch wide display
  • Easy to erase with one touch button
  • Thinnest Notepad in the market (only 1/8″)
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere

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Setting up goals and to-do-lists are easy in your mind. However, you won’t always remember what you have planned once you get absorbed into your tasks. This makes it easy for people to forget what their goals are. Imagine having a notebook with unlimited pages and complete privacy. The Best Digital NotePad makes this possible.

Choosing them is not as easy as buying a standard notepad that you need to write on and they may have some additional features that allow you to take notes during conferences and meetings as well. To help you find the ideal option for your needs, we have done some digging. Now you can simply sit back and make the best viable decision to meet your needs.

The Boogie Board is a reasonably priced option for those looking to replace the old notebook. It comes with a multitude of features and can help you reach your goals and remember all the important events that happened during the day.  

Digital Notebook Reviews and Comparison

Boogie BoardSheet Size: 8.5″
Weight: 0.4 lbs
(WxHxD): 10.8″ x 6.8″ x 0.6″

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ACECADSheet Size: 5″ x 8″
Weight: 1 lbs
(WxHxD): 9.9″ x 6″ x 0.3″

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XP-Pen Star05Sheet Size: 8″ x 5″
Weight: 1 lbs
(WxHxD): 11.7″ x 7″ x 0.4″

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Sony DPT-RP1/B 13Sheet Size: 13.3″
Weight: 1.9 lbs
(WxHxD): 22.4″ x 30.2″ x 0.6″

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Best Digital Notepad On The Market Today:

Testing these notepads are not exactly easy and this makes it really hard to determine which one if the very best. Most of them will come down to personal preference of the users. However, we have tried to choose them based on the additional features they offer. Here are the top options on the market today for students and achievers:

#1. Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD – Best For Notes Only

The Boogie Board is a unique digital writing pad and it comes with a built-in 3V battery that only needs recharging. The slim design makes it really easy to store in your purse and it comes with a pen that is used for writing on it. It also enables you to draw with your finger if you have to illustrate something.

While this might not be the same as many of the others, it gives you up to 50 erases. This is much more than many of the other tablets in the same price range. The illustrations are also really accurate, with lines ranging from thickness depending on the pressure that you apply to the device. The only real downside is the lack of storing images.

If you need something for school that is really small and portable, this digital notepad is a great option. It is really affordable compared to many of the others we have seen so far. The added versatility also makes it great for those who need have forgotten a pen. Tests have also shown some excellent durability.


  • Stylish and unique design
  • Large display
  • Thin and small adds to the portability
  • Accurate display of lines


  • Does not save images

#2. ACECAD PenPaper 5×8 – Best Digital Notepad for iPad Users

Most notepads are generally designed for windows devices. This has left Apple users in the dark and relying on the iPad as their notepad. However, the ACECAD PenPaper 5×8 is designed specifically to accommodate iPad users and it can be used to store your notes before it is transferred after class.

Once again, normal paper and a normal pen can be used. It also stores your sketches if you need to draw illustrations. With the small and portable size, it can almost be carried in your pocket. The device comes with a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 8-hours of continuous power before it needs to be recharged.

While the battery life might not be the best, it is still really affordable. If you have been struggling with your iPad for the last couple of years, this should be a great addition to get you going. We would highly recommend it for those with iPad users and anyone looking to improve their ability to take and recite notes.


  • Really small and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Decent storage


  • Battery life is only 8-hours

#3. XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G – Best For Drawing

Architect students and engineers need to spend a lot of time drawing and illustrating graphics. This makes the XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet the perfect device to enable this and allow you to do so. The device comes with a wireless and wired feature when connecting it to your laptop or PC.

We love the battery that has been included and it offers you up to 14-hours of battery life. It only needs to charge for 2.5-hours that can easily be done during the night. With only 6 buttons, the device is perfect when it comes to navigating the settings. It will store most of the notes that are needed for class and studies.

Since it is not that expensive, we highly recommend it for students who need to emphasize their creativity. Working long hours is not an issue with the long battery life, meaning that you don’t have to take a break if you don’t feel like it. It is worth keeping in mind that the software is a little more complex than the others.


  • Ideal design for writers
  • Reasonably priced
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging time


  • The software could be a little complex

#4. E-More LCD Graphic Writing Tablet – Best For Children

The E-More LCD Graphic Writing Tablet is one of the best tablets that you could have for a child. It is small and easy to use with numerous functions that make it effective. This digital notepad works with normal paper to digitally convert all your illustration and notes, making it possible to use for children growing and developing cognitive skills.

Safety is one of the most important things for children and this tablet is ideal for your kids. It does not have any glare or any radiation. Since it can be used to write more than 100,000 notes, students can easily use this to recollect most of their data. The pressure sensitive screen provides incredible accuracy when looking at the thickness of lines.

In terms of price, this is one of the cheapest options you could find. If you have a child that needs to develop writing and drawing skills, this tablet is really effective. For the price, we would definitely recommend it and it also comes with a limited 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind when using it continuously.


  • Perfectly safe for children
  • Extremely accuracy
  • Really affordable
  • Multifunctional
  • Limited 1-year warranty included


  • The screen size is a little small

#5. Sony DPT-RP1/B 13” – Editor’s Choice

If you are in need of something that will make all the difference in the world, the Sony DPT-RP1/B 13” Digital Paper is one of the top options that you could choose. It comes with a ton of extensive functions that enables you to draw, write, and even illustrate things you need to keep or see as important in the class.

The battery life is really great and the notepad can be used for up to 1-week with Wi-Fi being connected. Data and files can be transferred with a USB or it can be transferred with Bluetooth, making it really functional. It is also worth noting that the device is compatible with Windows and Apple devices when transferring files.

We have chosen this option as one of the best professional notepads for serious entrepreneurs. It is really expensive and comes with a 16GB internal memory, which means it can store virtually all your important files and notes. We highly recommend it to business professionals and students looking for the very best.


  • Extremely functional
  • Small and portable
  • Can be used for almost anything
  • Compatible with all devices


  • Really expensive

#6. Cyberpad 8.5X11 USB Black Digital Notepad – Best Overall

The first notepad we have is the Cyberpad 8.5X11. It comes with Windows XP and a state of the art pen that makes writing easy. 5 buttons are all you have to navigate the settings, making it perfect for those without any technical experience as well. All the general features are included for making notes.

Since it comes with a USB port, all the files can be transferred to your laptop or PC without too much effort. It also recognizes your handwriting and this can be converted to something readable if you think you can’t read your writing. It is really small and portable for students and the notepad makes use of normal paper.

Since it is affordable, this is the perfect option for students to use during class. The batteries have a decent life for those in the office all day and a large LCD display will ensure that you can see everything you need to. The biggest downside is that Windows needs to be upgraded to meet the same version of your PC.


  • Small and portable
  • Decent LCD display
  • Includes handwriting recognition
  • Reasonably priced


  • Windows needs to be upgraded

#7. SolidTek DM-L2 11-Inch  – Best Wide Digital Notepad NotePad

If you are taking classes that require you to draw sketches and work I landscape mode, the SolidTek DM-L2 is one of the top notepads for drawing. It does not require a specific pen and normal paper can also be used to convert your handwriting into a digital format.

The notepad also comes with a massive 32MB built-in memory that works for capturing day’s worth of information before it needs to be transferred to your laptop. 3 AAA batteries are used for the power and these can be found virtually anywhere. We have found it to be perfect for individuals on long trips and seminars without charger access.

While it is rather expensive, it is one of the top options for those who need to draw graphic sketches. You only need Windows 2000 or XP to integrate it with your PC and the design does not have any flaws that we have seen so far. The digital memo manager allows you to sort all of your notes and keep everything organized.


  • Massive 32MB memory
  • Really simple and easy to used
  • Allows you to keep notes organized
  • Long battery life


  • Quite expensive

Key Features To Consider:

Choosing digital notepad is not very hard.  As we have already mentioned, most of them include the same basic features and this might be all you need. However, we did use a couple of important features or features we felt were important when making the selection. Here are the top features to keep in mind:


Portability is really important if you are on the go. If you have a digital notepad for taking notes, you would like to store it as easily as possible. However, the screen should also be large enough for you to work and access your notes. We believe the screen size is the most important thing you need to look at when you start buying.


Memory is important for storing the notes. If you are to use them later, you need to have a decent memory. However, if the notepad is used for children, the memory might not be as important. Since most of them can transfer data to your PC, there should be no issue when it comes to having one with at least 32MB.


Whether you have an Apple or Windows device, you need to transfer the data from your notepad to this specific device. It is worth noting that some devices are only compatible with windows and this is something to keep in mind. We recommend looking at this to ensure that the data can be transferred and read on your PC.


If you are only using the notepad from day to day, you might not need to have a massive battery life. However, if you do have decent battery life, it makes the device perfect for traveling. Some of the top devices can be used for up to 3-weeks when fully charged. The price might be a little hefty on them for this feature.

Additional Features:

If you really do need additional features like advanced software, you can certainly find them. However, they will be a little more expensive. If you have a versatile option, you can upload and upgrade the software to meet your needs.

Bluetooth is another feature that simplifies life. It makes it much easier to transfer data from one device to the other. The elite digital notepad will also have Wi-Fi connectivity and operate exactly the same as your tablet. We recommend all of these additional features to those who will actually use them or they might be a waste of money.


Last but certainly not least, we have the warranty to consider. Having a warranty will give you peace of mind. Since most of these devices are really sensitive, you might have a cracked screen. However, if you have a decent warranty, you can be protected from such damages. We certainly like to have a warranty on most digitally operated devices.

Will A Digital Notepad Make A Difference?

While there is no evidence to suggest that they work better than having a normal notepad, it is a little easier to use. The digital notepad is smaller and you won’t have as many papers that need to be sorted. In the modern age, the notes can now be stored in the cloud, which means that you never lose them.  

The only problem we have seen is older people having trouble using these devices. It might take some getting used to, but they could simplify your life. One thing that has been proven is that writing things down makes you more likely to accomplish them, especially if you can often look back and see them.


Personally, I love using them. It serves as a great way to schedule meetings and tasks during the day. The addition of jotting down notes at the meetings is also really beneficial. We highly recommend all of these devices for those who feel like joining the modern trend and upgrading to a modern digital notepad.

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