Bag Vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Comparison And Top Opinion?

A vacuum cleaner is something we all have or should have in our homes. Dust mites are released quite often and the build-up of it can cause some medical problems. A vacuum cleaner simplifies the process of cleaning your home and instead of spending hours scrubbing a room, the vacuum will have it clean in virtually no time at all.

However, not all vacuum cleaners are designed to be equal and some of them have different features that make them better. The bagless vacuum is a newer model but works great if you don’t like putting out the bag every so often. In this article, we will draw some comparisons between the two types of vacuum cleaners and find out which one you need to use.

The Bagged Vacuum Cleaner:

The bagged vacuum cleaner is the older of the two and we are starting off with this vacuum cleaner since it is still commonly one of the favorites. While it might be a hassle to constantly clean out the bag, there are a few great benefits if using these vacuum cleaners. Here are the top things to know of the bagged vacuum cleaner:


The bagged vacuum cleaner is considered the more hygienic of the two. It features a bag that will enclose all the dirt and this will limit the possibility of it escaping. The best part of this vacuum is that the dirt and debris will remain locked in the bag when you are cleaning it out, ensuring that you don’t do double work.

Great for Allergens:

Since all the dust and dirt will be trapped inside the bag, you won’t need to worry about I escaping if you have any allergic reactions. Most of the bags are airtight and this means that you won’t need to constantly worry about anything escaping from it.

HEPA Filtration:

The HEPA filtration system is great for vacuum cleaners, especially if you have any allergens. While it is possible that this filtration system is present in every vacuum cleaner, it is mandatory for most bagged vacuum cleaners. However, you should note that many bagless vacuum cleaners also feature the HEPA filtration system.

Less Maintenance:

Bagged vacuum cleaners can hold up to 2-pounds of dirt and debris and this makes them an effective option when you have a large area to clean. You won’t need to constantly change or clean out the bags or even change the water. However, there are a few smaller vacuum cleaners that do require you to do some additional maintenance.

You Need To Buy More Bags:

Unfortunately, the bagged vacuum cleaner will force you to either buy more bags or to have your current bag cleaned more often. This can lead to additional costs in the long run and many people find it frustrating. Occasionally, it is hard to find these replacement bags and you might need to do some shopping around to find the specific bags that your vacuum cleaner needs.

Drop-In Performance:

Once the bag is full, we have noted that some of these vacuum cleaners do have a lapse in performance. This could be a little frustrating for users who don’t have the time or want to make the effort to constantly empty the bags.

The Bagless Vacuum Cleaner:

The bagless vacuum cleaner is somewhat new to the market and it features a unique design that has only recently been discovered. Since it is so easy to use, more people are gravitating to this type of vacuum cleaner. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to buy the bagless vacuum cleaner:


Compared to the bagged vacuum cleaner, the bagless option is a little more affordable and this has made it a popular modern choice. These vacuum cleaners don’t have the same amount of maintenance and you won’t need to shop around for new bags.


The bagless vacuum generally traps the debris and dirt with the help of water and this will make it an excellent way to perhaps even water your garden. Many people choose to throw out the water, but it can be used for many other purposes. Since you won’t be buying or throwing away new bags, this vacuum cleaner is also great when you love to protect the environment.

You, Will, Know When To Empty It:

Most of the bagless vacuums have a transparent design and you will see the color changing as it is time to empty the vacuum cleaner. This can save you the frustration of overfilling it and having to deal with degraded performance. The bagless vacuum cleaners are quite easy to use and they offer a lot of versatility to users.


Unfortunately, you will need to be a little more hands-on when using these vacuum cleaners. The tanks need to be cleaned thoroughly and this might not be the thing you like to do the most. It is also noted that the maintenance is a little higher and users don’t like the fact that it needs to be cleaned too often.

Allergen Exposure:

Instead of having the allergens trapped like it would in your bagged vacuum, you will still be exposed to the dirt and debris when cleaning the unit. This might not be ideal for consumers with allergic reactions to things like dust. You might need to wear a set of gloves and even something that could cover your face.

Final Opinion:

Whether you like the bagged or the bagless vacuum cleaner, they both are effective at getting the job done. The bagged vacuum cleaner is much better for larger rooms and individuals who are allergic to dust and debris. Alternatively, the bagless vacuum is one of the best options to reduce long-term costs.

Let us know which vacuum cleaner type you prefer and if we might have missed any other important aspects of them. We would love to see which vacuum cleaner you believe is the best.

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