About Top Reviewed Ten

Mcrae Steve

Hi. My name is Steve McRae, and I am on a mission to make online shopping a whole lot simpler.

Our Aim

For unwitting readers, online reviews are the first way to find the information. This is why I strive through Top Reviewed Ten to be the best and the most trustworthy source of online reviews. I don’t act to any bait, be it monetary or any other, to manipulate my reviews.

My Writing

I don’t create havoc on words. But put across key insights in the easiest of language. I use a conversational tone to convey the message so that readers from all walks of life can understand what I say and make an informed choice.

My Review Process

I take an in-depth view of the specifications of various products and present you with the best options. No beating around the bush, as they say. I rely on certain factors, such as quality, price, and the brand, before suggesting the top product recommendations.

My Story

Almost 67% of millennials shop online because finding products on the web today is incredibly easy. Still, the crazy number of options makes it difficult and overwhelming to cut through the noise and chose the right products.

I have spent countless hours going through reviews, researching products, vetting scores, to chose the best product for myself.

Here is where I saw the opportunity to create a blog and share my findings with everyone out there. What helped me might help you make your decision. Granted, I had to go back and do a bit more digging into most of my reviews. I wanted to make sure I added cons and pros for each user type, not just me.

This is how Top Reviewed Ten was born. I take my job seriously because I know choosing the right purchase these days is not easy. I want to make sure I help you make the best purchase for your money.

What Matter In My Reviews

  • How popular the product is amongst previous buyers
  • Price vs. value you receive in return
  • Brand quality
  • Brand popularity
  • Price range

I am for TopTenReviewed to be your go-to destination to find the most useful products in my review categories. Be it hi-tech gadgets or home decor items; I’ve got you a hand-picked list of the most popular products in the market. Of course, quality is one point of comparison. Others being utility, budget, and popularity. A product that scores the maximum on each crucial parameter is the KING of the list, followed by the second BEST and other products near-perfect to meet my standards.

  • We do intense research to choose our top ten products. I leave nothing to your imagination. I personally write all our product reviews to help you with the coursework you need.
  • When a product falls outside my area of expertise, I consult an expert to ensure a good quality review.
  • I don’t compromise reviews because of commissions or affiliations with any products. I am an independent writer.
  • Each of my recommendations is objectively assessed to give you the most reliable reviews. In short, you can trust me completely.
  • My goal is to reduce your research work and make help you compare products before buying them. Just read my lists, pick the best one and order it online. Simple!